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Whatever is good and true, whatever is pure and establishes peace, if anything inspires and promotes hope — Ori will find it, create it & share it with the world.

Who is Ori

Ori is a multinational media company with the vision to become the world’s most trusted curation, production, and distribution service in media and education. Ori aims to bring deep change and cultural transformation through a new standard in faith forward and values-based media that not only entertains and informs, but also inspires, impacts, empowers and equips people from around the world, to reach their full potential as individuals, and become all God called them to be.

Ori International is dedicated to provide a safe alternative to the excessive violence, promiscuity and profanity on today’s media and entertainment platforms, and create meaningful quality content that inspires, uplifts, and promotes hope to a wide international co-viewing audience.

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We make Ori happen
The Team

The Company has carefully curated a highly experienced and seasoned management and advisory team. This core group of individuals possesses an impressive track record, having contributed significantly to the growth and success of some of the world’s largest global media companies and renowned brands.

Music. Wellness. Podcasts
Videos. Events.

Discover your new favorite Christian songs, wellness sounds, and podcasts that match your style and your mood.

Scheduled to launch in 2024, Ori Music is a high-quality, full-service music company that includes music, distribution, production, management and publishing. The Ori Music App provides an immersive audio and video media experience and uniquely connects fans and artists. Ori Music hosts a variety of content types that includes Music, Wellness, Podcasts, Audio Books, Videos, Events and Social Engagement.

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Ori Studios’ vision is to create meaningful content that is both wildly entertaining and inspires life.

Ori Studios is the original content development division of Ori International. It has over 80 productions at various stages of development across a variety of content types and genres, in partnership with leading and independent studios, production companies, producers, writers and labels.

Ori AI
Dedicated to revolutionizing the
media curation and film production

Ori AI, a dynamic subsidiary of Ori International, aims to create the largest faith forward and values-based content platform for quality media you can trust, driven by smart technology and innovation. In keeping with the rapid advancements in artificial intelligence, Ori AI is building cutting-edge machine learning technologies that help reshape the content world as we know it, elevating every aspect of the filmmaking and content curation journey through acquisition, production and distribution, enhancing further the creative prowess and powerful storytelling the film industry is known for.

Ori AI’s Curation Super Scraper is slated to launch mid 2024 to change the way media providers curate media across multiple content types. Ori AI creates smart technology solutions to streamline the curation and production processes to provide a true immersive media rich ecosystem of faith forward and values driven media that users and subscribers can trust.

Ori Careers
Be part of our story.

At Ori, we believe in the transformative power of stories and every great story starts with a new beginning. From Legal to Production to Technology to Operations and Creative, if you are passionate about creativity, innovation and making an impact through storytelling and multimedia content, you've come to the right place. Join us on a journey where your ideas come to life, your talents are celebrated and your work is fostered in an environment of excellence.

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